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TLX Satellite Radio is based on new music that is unavailable to the Mainstream market, if you know of good Progressive or EDM Music we should hear please reach out.
Our philosophy is that independent Creators with good creative skills should be broadcaster as with Mainstream music creators, we support independent DJs and all of our tracks are personally curated by our President.
If you have a good track that you want us to broadcast please send it to us for approval, our DJs will listen to it and place it on our review bin, after your track is cleared its sent to our President for final approval, the process may take one or more weeks depending on his workload.
When submitting a Track, please make sure your track is at least 320 KBPS and in MP3 Format, please check that your track does not contain edition glitches, volume normalization may be made on our side to be consistent with the quality in which we broadcast, please note that only Progressive and EDM tracks will be evaluated.