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Progressive – Electronic or Electro – Progressive

(not to be confused with the Progressive Music Movement) is defined as a style thriving in unfamiliar territory where the results are often dictated by the technology itself, it requires extensive cognitive attention to properly appreciate and understand a music piece.
The music generally created by DJs based is based on mainstream sounds or songs that are altered almost to unfamiliar or unrecognizable state, the pieces are based on rhythmic patterns with layers that add a new repetitive sound or chord every time (called cycle) until the song is “fully playing”.
In simple terms the DJ will open with a repetitive basic drum bass (cycle) and will add new layers of sound every so often until it progressively is running all the sounds chords at the same time for that specific piece, the listener needs to be aware of all soundtracks playing at any given time making the listening experience something tremendously demanding.
To correctly experience Electro Progressive, listeners have to be very attentive and conscious of each individual sound as it is being added into by the DJ and as the song progresses to a developed stage.
Listening to Electro Progressive often requires full attention and good visualization skills, as it is required to be fully conscious of each individual sound being played in each layer at any specific time.
Creating good Electro Progressive is extremely time consuming and challenging as layers subsequently added need to be compatible with the base cycle currently playing on that particular song. A good EP song will include proper time visualization with appropriate transitions and in some cases bridging onto unrelated cycle executions, blending this all together is quite challenging for music creators.
TLX Mainly plays Electro Progressive and related EDM Music, however most our playlist is based on Electro Progressive pieces, if you want to recommend a song or a DJ please reach out.
We hope this brief introduction helps you better appreciate the content that TLX Radio broadcasts and the incredible work behind these masterpieces.